Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Surprise gift from Fr. Michael Oleksa of Alaska

Event: 13 Jan 14

This wonderful music came to us yesterday. Fr. Michael had told me about it a few weeks ago in conversation at the Fusion Cafe during his brief visit to Los Alamos at Christmastime. I was so impressed by his story about Hilarion and their personal relationship that I immediately Google searched for this composition, read rave reviews about it and then listened to a YouTube performance of it. Playing it on a computer does not compare to having a high quality recording. What a blessing!

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 Bishop Hilarion's St. Matthew Passion
Since composing this masterpiece, young Hilarion Alfeyev has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Russian Orthodox Church based in Moscow from bishop to metropolitan, now second in authority and influence only to Patriarch Kyrill. 

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Accompanying note

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