Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Awesome Mystery: a dream

Event: 27 November 2013
Updated: 4 Dec 13

Dream of ~0700...
With a woman high in the sky--we seem to be flying. She is Bible based. 
I see words like tiny leaflets falling down beneath us and as they touch the ground far below they lite fires.... 
Scene change: Am by myself in a\large old wooden church-like meeting place with people I do not recognize, many of whom speak Russian or some kind of Slavic language. Many words are proclaimed in Russian or Slavonic, which I do not understand, but to which many in the congregation respond with excitement. 
I find myself crawling on my hands and knees down the middle isle of these standing, speaking people, trying to get to the rear of the building without being noticed. Someone in charge sees me and touches me lightly on my back at the right shoulder to make me aware that I have a part to play in reading something in Russian or Slavonic, which are words to be spoken at the end of the service. This I accept and manage to do.
The atmosphere is awesome and mysterious.
CREEI score: +?+?++//+++/+++  Motivational

On Monday, 2 Dec, at our regular Bethlehem Lutheran Church dream seminar, we did a CREEI analysis of this dream, as well as discuss the circumstances that may have contributed to it. After finishing the CREEI analysis, a participant suggested I do an IDL interview of the person who tapped me on the shoulder. An excellent suggestion! He also asked about the fires. What kind were they? I realized that they were not consuming ones, but more like that of the Biblical burning bush!

On Wednesday, 4 Dec, after sharing this dream at breakfast this morning with my favorite Orthodox priest, he suggested that the structure and the congregation as described reminded him of the Old Believers of the Russian Orthodox tradition. Another excellent observation!

To be continued with an IDL interview...

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