Friday, January 9, 1970

The 1968 Rehearing

Event: September 1968
Updated: 14 Nov 2013

In September 1968 I'm given opportunity by Newport Beach stake president Ferren L. Christensen to appeal my 1966 excommunication. I am facing the High Council, whose members I do not know, but who are gentle and kind in their questions. I have now put my personal legal affairs in order and have become legally married to Lawrene. Our son Michael is now almost two.

After an hour or so of questions and answers, one councilman exclaims, "Why is this man out of the Church?" and invites me to rejoin. I reply, "Thanks, but no thanks." My purpose is to present the stake president with the original document dated 25 July 1965. I say to him, "President, my job has been to survive long enough to get this document into your hands and out of mine. Whatever you do with it is up to you."

After thanking the stake president, his counselors and the high council members for their time, I bid them goodbye, never expecting to return to the institution.

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