Tuesday, December 25, 2012

After Metropolitan Jonah, what?

Post: Christmas 2012
Updated: 7 Jan 13

St. Dimitri of Rostov Mission of the OCA in Los Alamos

Since Metropolitan Jonah was forced to resign by a cabal of disgruntled prelates, I have lost interest in the Orthodox Church in America. During the four years after Jonah's rapid rise to the helm of this church, I had high hopes that his vision and leadership would guide the institution through a process of reconciliation, integration and outreach.

Alas, it was a false hope....  But it is an old story, made possible by the lack of courage of men, young and old, who could have helped this young leader navigate treachery instead of hierarchical followers who have behaved as sycophants rather than as courageous men of God. I am thinking of the young monk who has succeeded our Fr. John Hennies.

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