Sunday, July 4, 2010


Posted: Sunday, 4 July 2010
Updated: 14 July 2010

While talking to brother Dimitri in the church study after Sunday's Reader Liturgy on the Fourth of July, I received a phone call that took my breath away! Of all the calls least expected but most dearly hoped and prayed for, it was from my heretofore estranged son, Michael! He called me to announce the birth of his first child, a son.

I had much to repent of during this call, all of which went unspoken. Such words seemed out of place as I heard my son's voice and his wonderful disclosure. Most of all it was the sensitive, thoughtful manner in which he honored his father by the phone call before sending out the general announcement to family and friends. This was most healing for me.

Bless you, Michael. And bless you, Michael's dear wife Maris and my newest, most welcome grandson!

3 Ne 22:1

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  1. When will we see a photo of the new baby? Of the new family?