Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dean's Visit

Posted: 23 April 2010

It was a strange time with a surprisingly large congregation, compared to last week. All undoubtedly came to meet the new dean and get a preview of how the parish will fare after Fr. John's departure. Dean Fr. Seraphim Hish (sp?) celebrated the Liturgy and met with the Parish Council following the fellowshipping period. Although I had resigned my council post shortly after Fr. John's announcement, as did Barbara weeks before that, Dimitri, as council president, invited us both to attend.

Of primary importance, we got a hint of the care and deliberation the Diocese leadership is giving our little mission.

The Liturgical singing was again troubling and I became quiet midway for the remainder of the service. Often the Dean would speak or sing so softly that we could not hear him. There was clearly a message in this.

We learned that Fr. Seraphim is a convert (we already knew this), but what we did not know was that he is married with a large young family: five children aged ten, eight, six, four and two. Wow! We also learned that he has Masters Degree in physics, which bodes well for our particular parish. Furthermore, he has been given primary responsibility for our mission until a new priest is found and the mission becomes a stable parish.

I was pleased by his questions and suggestions and felt that the parish is in good, firm hands. Whether we will continue to meet in the present building was not clear to me, but it seems that we have a solid enough membership that the community will continue, wherever we meet. George Peters and Eleni Fredlund are the new council members, along with Dimitri Medrick and Elizabeth Bezzerides.

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