Thursday, January 8, 1970

Theresa in the Temple

Event: Late August 1965: Updated:

Los Angeles Mormon Temple

During the last part of August I would often travel from San Diego to the Los Angeles Mormon temple to meditate and pray. One day I was met by a young woman in white, a temple worker, who timidly asked if she could speak to me. She explained that she was from Switzerland, where she had converted to the Church and emigrated to America. Then she told me that she had seen me come into the temple many times before and was surprised and puzzled at what she saw. "I have a gift", she explained. "I see auras. And yours is different from most others." The few others who had similar auras to mine were all old men, she told me, and so she found herself wondering why I was so young with such an aura. She asked if I would be willing to meet her 12 year old daughter, whom I met on the temple grounds later that day.

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