Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lamentation with silver lining

Yesterday, at our weekly Wednesday discussion, Priest Fr. John H was feeling low. Beyond his considerable physical ailments he was distressing over the fragile health of his friend Hiermonk John, the abbot of nearby St. Michael's monastery, who had again just reported to the Los Alamos ER with reoccurring symptoms. Fr. John H had recently attended an Orthodox conference in Dallas where he met personally with Metropolitan Jonah to plead his special intervention in this case. Since nothing had happened after a week, Fr. John H now feared for his friend's life. He was burdened with feeling helpless to do more and was becoming disillusioned with the Met.

At that point in our conversation a motto from the Bhagavad-Gita that legendary Christian Mormon educator Lowell L. Bennion was known to keep on his desk came to mind and out of my mouth: "To action alone thou hast a right; not to its fruits". Fr. John's face lit up and said that his day just became a little brighter.

Later that night he sent an email entitled "I was hasty!!!":

Friend - Fr John is here and says that he has heard from the Metropolitan who is arriving in the next week or so with two monks. One will be left at the monastery and one will stay with the Met. and one will drive Fr John back to Manton CA where he will be for awhile, see doctors and rest up in peace and quiet. So the Met. did do what he said he would do!!!!! That lifts a burden from my shoulder. Obviously it took a bit of time to make all of the arrangements, but make them he did!

Between that and the wonderful phrase you shared, this day has turned out pretty well. My surgery is at 9:15 tomorrow a.m. The prayers of you and Birgitta are requested. In Christ, Fr John PS I feel so much better that I am taking Fr John and Lea out for dinner, and while I cannot eat anything much, I will be "beyond these walls" which I roundly cursed this a.m. In Christ, Fr John

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