Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jean Pierre & family + two friends at St. Dimitri's

Original post: 27 December 2009
Updated: 14 January 2010

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One of the delights of coming to St. Dimitri parish is meeting people such as Jean-Pierre Julien and his family. Although they live in France, Jean-Pierre considers St. Dimitri his home parish where he was Chrismated. He works off and on at Los Alamos National Laboratory as visiting professor of physics from the National Center for Scientific Research in Grenoble, France.

From left to right are:Jean-Pierre, wife Nathalie (who cooks wonderful escargot!), third daughter Eloise (12), new father T.J holding just baptized Lilu Gabriel (first grandchild), new mother Marie (oldest daughter), second daughter Fantine (17) and newly Chrismated fourth daughter Camille (9). Standing behind and to the right are the two friends: yours truly (Zhenya Arseny) and wife Birgitta.

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