Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 with James, John and Dylan

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Youngest son John and friend Dylan came from Salt Lake City to spend as much of the Christmas holidays as weather and work would permit. They were delayed two days before Christmas by a regional snow storm and had to leave a day early to avoid another storm on their return. We did manage to spend Christmas Day through the following Sunday together. What fine conversations and fellowship we had despite truncated time constraints.

Above, at our home for Christmas dinner (which James and Dylan prepared) and light dessert (by Birgitta), from left to right: Dylan, John, James (up from Santa Fe), Birgitta and yours truly.

Below, John plays his newest violin after Sunday Liturgy to the delight of St. Dimitri parishioners and guests. Priest Fr. John Hennies and Birgitta are in the foreground with their backs to us while enjoying John's playing in the downstairs fellowship kitchen. At the far left, little Stephanie peeks at the picture taker.


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