Monday, October 26, 2009

Interviewing dream RTP

On Tuesday morning (October 20) I dreamed of being at and on a basketball court with my wife Birgitta, two Mormon participants (RTP and wife M) and other unidentified players. The dream came in response to my prayer request the previous evening for clarity regarding a renewed dialogue with RTP, a former Mormon stake president (like an Orthodox diocese bishop).

Here is Joseph Dillard's Dream Yoga -- Deep Listening process applied to this dream.

Date of interview: 26 October 2009

What are three fundamental life issues that you are dealing with now in your life?
1. Being authentic and creative;
2. Reconciling conflicts with family, friends and adversaries;
3. Including, integrating and transcending various religious traditions.

Tell me a dream or experience you remember...
Tuesday, October 20, 2009 0100.
With Birgitta, Russell Pack, his wife (does not look like Marion) and others in a basketball court inside a school-like building. Russ officiates a game in which Birgitta and his wife are players. I am an observer. At one point (either after or during the game) Russ talks to Birgitta alone in a windowed room next to the court. He appears to be interviewing or counseling her. When I come into the room she is crying and as I become more aware of the situation I declare, "The truth has been spoken here!"

Later, Birgitta, Russ’s wife and I are in the windowed room without Russ. His wife comments that Russ is not particularly good looking but has other admirable traits.
[CREEI score: ??+++?//+++/++? Anticipatory-Motivational]

Why do you think that you had this dream?
It is a clear response to my prayer request for clarity regarding my renewed dialogue with former local LDS stake president RTP.

If it were playing at a theater, what name would be on the marquee?
The Inner Game of Basketball

These are the characters in the dream…
School building; basketball court; windowed room; Russell T Pack; Russ's wife; Birgitta; other players.

If a second character had something especially important to tell you, which would it be?
I would choose to interview RTP after having first interviewed Basketball Court.

Character, would you please tell me what you look like and what you are doing?
I am a tall 72 year old retiree from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who has just been released from the office of Santa Fe stake president after 9 years of service. Before that I was bishop of the White Rock ward in Los Alamos. I am enjoying spending more time doing things I like, such as tending my garden. My wife Marion and I look forward to being sent on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometime this coming spring, which we are preparing for with joyful anticipation.

Character, what do you like most about yourself in this dream? What are your strengths?
I am professionally a well educated theoretical chemist and enjoy solving quantum mechanical problems. In Eugene's dream I am engaged in refereeing a basketball game in my spare time between my wife's team and the team of Eugene's wife Birgitta, which is an activity I enjoy. This is an interesting opportunity to relate to both sides of a contest of skill between highly motivated and disciplined players. Both these women highly respect each other. I am glad Eugene is able to witness how this plays out.

Character, what do you dislike most about yourself? Do you have weaknesses? What?
I would have to say I am sometime impulsive, which I do not like. For example, I unwisely added a PS to a recent letter to Eugene disclosing my wife's opinion that any dialogue between us would be wasted time. Eugene seized on that comment to make something of it more than it deserved. I should have known better, but didn't follow my better judgment. Another weakness that I am aware of is that I'm not as sensitive to the feelings of others as I ought to be. For example, in this dream Birgitta is weeping in response to something I have been saying to her regarding her game performance. I'm puzzled by this.

Character, if you could change this dream in any way you wanted, would you?
Well, of course! I would want to have this game take place in an LDS Church building, where loyal LDS and well intentioned people were players and spectators. I would also like the opportunity to witness my testimony of Jesus Christ as taught by the LDS Church. That would be my most cherished wish.

Character, if this dream were to continue, what would happen next?
Well, I like what the Basketball Court character had to say previous to my comments here. That is, a frank, honest and BELOVING dialogue would ensue between Eugene and me and our wives, such that we all would get to know, love and help each other. Isn't that what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about bringing to pass? I can't help think of the Pearl of Great Price scripture, where Jesus expresses His mission statement: "This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Character, if you could be anywhere you wanted to be and take any form you desired, would you change? If so, how?
Yes, I would. As you can see I am very much a missionary and have been so for most of my life. I would like to be on a full-time mission for the Church with my wife for the rest of my life so that I can serve the Lord with her with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Character, what aspect of Eugene do you represent or most closely personify?
I represent a committed, disciplined and effective church leader, one who cares enough about others to continue to engage them and help them in their spiritual development.

Character, how would you score yourself 0-10, in confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, peace of mind, and witnessing?
Confidence 10. All my life I have been committed to the gospel as taught by Joseph Smith and have no doubts as to his divine calling.
Compassion 5. Yes, I help people and work very hard at this. But I'm afraid I am not as empathetic or sympathetic to the trials of others as I ought to be and don't feel their pain and suffering as I wish I could.
Wisdom 5. I would like this to be higher, but I fear my hard work is not making up for this lack.
Acceptance 4. For example, I have trouble with Eugene's pride and strange views and what I perceive is his past, sinful behavior. He isn't my kind of church member. He has not taken my counsel well and is prone to be abusive towards me.
Peace of mind 5. I am sometimes troubled by my dreams, when I remember them. I do not like to disclose or share them. Especially do I NOT trust sharing them with Eugene!
Witnessing 6. I am not sure what you mean by this. I love to witness about the gospel, but I'm not sure you are asking about that. If it means do I see the big picture, I'm not so sure, but think I do.

Character, how would Eugene’s life be different if he naturally scored high in all six of these qualities all the time?
He would confidently and clearly fulfill his spiritual work. Of that I am quite sure. I wish I could help him in this.

If you could live Eugene’s waking life for him, how would you live it differently?
Oh my, I would have him immediately acknowledge his sinful ways, repent of them and then be re-baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If you could live Eugene’s waking life for him today, would you handle his three life issues differently? If so, how?
Yes. If by being "authentic" he means being honest, I could accept that, but being "creative" ought to mean being constructive. I think his second issue is commendable. Regarding his third issue, I am not interested in exploring other religious traditions as he is. I would concentrate on the LDS tradition and its focus on entering the celestial kingdom.

Character, what three life issues would you focus on if you were in charge of his life?
Loving the Lord
Following the Brethren
Repenting of his sins

In what life situations would it be most beneficial for Eugene to imagine that he is you and act as you would?
He could offer a more solid base to others for building community.

Character, why do you think that you are in this dream?
To remind Eugene that he has much to change and remedy.

Eugene, what have you heard yourself say?
There is a bigger frame of reference within me that has been available for community support than I have been aware of before now.

If this experience were a wake-up call from your soul, what do you think it would be saying to you?
This is a time to integrate my life experiences and become balanced. Part of these life experiences involve Russell Pack who has appeared in my dreams at least four times. These began in August 2006, after we began a dialogue in early 2005 after he came over to me after a public concert to shake my hand and invited me to talk. In each case I have become aware of my own reactions to his appearance in my dreams in addition to how I am affected by his letters and his personal contacts. He clearly has had an important place in my life, even though it is not as he wishes it to be.

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