Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Maestro's Visit and the Master's Touch

Sunday, September 27, 2009.
"Never in my career of decades has any parish so small ever dared to call me for such a music retreat," said St. Vladimir Seminary Professor-emeritus David Drillock at the end of a transformative musical weekend here in Los Alamos at St. Dimitri of Rostov Mission of the Orthodox Church in America.

To us it was miraculous! All our months of struggle to communicate with each other, understand the technical nuances of the Divine Liturgy, resolve disputes, learn to blend and sing softly and beautifully were met and resolved by Professor Drillock's gentle, firm and transforming presentations to our tiny band of parishioners. We can't adequately express our surprise, joy and gratitude for his willingness to come here and teach us from his heart and vast experience.

Praise God for this man and his inspired visit!!

In the upper photo: Front Row from left to right are Yours Truly (Eugene), Birgitta, Barbara and Elizabeth; Back Row from left to right are Deacon David, Priest Fr. John Hennies, Gary (Dimitri) and Professor Drillock

We began our musical retreat at a neutral location kindly offered by the local Church of the Nazarene.

Church of the Nazarene in White Rock

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