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Event: Friday, August 13, 1965
Updated:  15 Feb 1015

She simply listened with interest and empathy. That's all it took.

Kaye and I had known each other for over a year from church. She knew and liked my wife Betty. She was an excellent accompanist, loved my voice and so we had performed for many ward- and stake-church functions: sacrament meetings, stake conferences, banquets, etc. Our relationship had always been one of church duty and never personal. Until now.

It was Friday evening, August 13. We had finished rehearsing at the ward and I needed to talk. She spoke about her baby and some of the stresses of being a single mom. Performing at church functions was a good diversion for her. I began to speak about recent events, not knowing how much to disclose. Her interest surprised me and quickly led to an experience I had never before known.

I fell in love.

How did I know? I knew because those silly, sentimental songs that I had long ridiculed were suddenly and wondrously true! This was another astonishing and surprising event in a rapidly unfolding spectrum of spiritual/emotional human experiences over the past year.

I went home that evening to write, having agreed to meet her and her child the next day at the beach. The energy and excitement that I was now experiencing seemed inexpressible, like Dante for Beatrice in his classic Divine Comedy. What follows below was an attempt to capture the experience. It did not occur until much later to associate this outer event with the inner event of the woman in my May Day! dream of May 1, a couple of months earlier.


Found at last, eternal past
Song and shining youth.
That it could be, rests,
Yet (excited) frightens sleep.

Oh dream of unity and wonderment!
That it could be, promises
Majesty to hope!
Gianthood to deed!
Fearlessness to duty!

God, give this thing its due
and bless thy children
in discovery.

San Diego
13 Aug 65
(Op. 7)

The terrible irony in all this was that I now felt love for my wife Betty that I'd never felt before! But it would not be enough to save the marriage in the coming months.

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