Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Fathers Day ever!

Jim and Dad at Jim's construction site

I would never have supposed Fathers Day would turn out so great! Son Jim called me the day before from Santa Fe to ask what I was doing that day, since I am batching it while wife Birgitta is with her family in Sweden for the summer solstice. I thought Jim intended to come up here to Los Alamos, but when I learned the opposite, I begged off with some lame excuse about housework. He did not argue, but signed off with a simple, but clearly disappointed, "OK".

Afterwards I felt awful. It didn't take long to realize I'd let my lazy ego take over, so I called back an hour later, having changed my mind. We agreed to meet at his place after I attended Liturgy at St. Dimitri's.

I was not sure what to plan for, but then realized this would be a great time to address his most important issue. This he had disclosed a few days earlier in a dream he had sent the family, which included his deceased brother Ivan. Clearly an unresolved emotional issue since Ivan's death in 1996. It turned out to be a perfect opportunity to apply the Creative Deep Listening interview process to his dream. I'll not mention details here, but something transformative took place during the interview. We began to discuss the CDL process at a local specialty cafe that he had wanted to try. I think my friend Mac Freeman would say that we had visited The Church of the Holy Restaurant!

Santa Fe sunset by Jim on Fathers Day 2009 at the end of a perfect day.


  1. What a wonderful time it turned out to be sharing the day with my dad on fathers day.

    I think the highlight of the visit was the unexpected result we experianced with the Dreative Deep Lostening interview.

    The insight that this had for me has been truly transformative. The result is a tool that has helped create a paradigm shift in an isntant. I have been practicing multiple times daily and has contributed to lowered anxiety and stress as well as centered peace of mind on a constant basis.

    I cant wait to do this again with another aspect or situation.

    Thanks for being so patient with me dad. I know you have wanted to do this for years however I dont think I was ready or as open for the implications as now.

  2. You did mean "Creative Deep Listening", didn't you, son? ;-) I'm glad you are open to doing it again! Yes, I'm still reflecting on that day with much pleasure.