Thursday, May 7, 2009

Harmony and its absense

May 7, 2009

This morning at breakfast with Birgitta, I read aloud the prologue to a new book by Thomas Cahill just downloaded on our Kindle. It made us both weep. The book is titled A Saint on Death Row.

The author's description of meeting an enlightened, transformed innocent black man on death row before his execution made us realize, strangely enough, what is missing in our local parish. What made us weep was appreciating author Cahill's description of his first encounter with young inmate Dominique. We realized that it is the absence of harmony, love and forgiveness that happens to our liturgical music experience when disharmony intrudes. I felt silently convicted of contributing to this disharmony because of my own reaction to the continuous take-over behavior by a single dominating, imperious and insensitive parish singing voice.

May 9 Evening.

Our first council meeting today aborted and showed us our true colors--especially red. It was the color of "the elephant in the room" and I was again convicted. May God bless us with harmony in the Divine Liturgy tomorrow and help us truly to celebrate the eucharist--as we learn how to deal with and transform our huge and frightened elephant!

May 10 evening.

This morning's liturgy was more harmonious than expected, the Eucharist was appropriate and meaningful and a transformation of our "elephant" seems to have begun. Thank God!

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