Thursday, January 8, 1970

Criteria for the Experiment

May 1965
Updated: 4 July 2012

Learning of the death date of George Adamski confronted me with a dilemma: how to intellectually reconcile my powerful emotional reaction to his story? In other words, how was I to reconcile heart and head?

Since I no longer had direct source of evidence available to me, I wondered if I could conceive an experiment that would resolve the dilemma. If there were such an experimental possibility, I reasoned, it must meet three criteria, else I would no longer be interested. First, it must be simple. I agreed with Einstein that the great truths are generally simple. Second, it must be direct. I had no interest in defending results by statistical analysis. And third, it must be self-evident, i.e., personally experiential.

Tough criteria. But then I promised the Kosmos, "If I can conceive of such an experiment that will meet these criteria, I will not prejudice my mind further and will allow it to follow my intuition and instincts."

Thus began an earnest search and the spontaneous birth of two additional poems: Commitment and Birthright.


In Energy seize
the straightened rod
and in full tilt
then plunge the path!

Time is short
for looking back;
distance yet is far,

but with His help
(and only His)
the mark’s within our grasp!

San Diego
17 May 65
(Op. 3)


He stands
surveying light--
darkness, too,
breathing deeply,
with awe.

Resolutely he strides out
to reap those fields prepared
beyond which expanse
and glory stretch,
shouting him on.

Deliberately he strikes
without answers!
Defiantly expecting
to be thrust down
he steps into unknown chambers.

There are those, who,
excited, too,
adventure on much smaller worlds.
Let them go,
their bliss is payment,
Their gaze is set.

They know not
that such a sight--
such Light,
is independent
of their eyes!

San Diego
18 May 65
(Op. 4)

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