Friday, February 20, 2009

Berlin again!

Yesterday a surprise call came in from a retired career Army colonel, who had only learned my name a few days ago. He informed me that he had been in the Washington side of the clandestine project that he and I both served in during the Cold War. Furthermore, since that project had now been declassified by the CIA, he was writing a book about it to give credit and appreciation to all those heretofore unnamed service people who had contributed to its significant success. His call not only surprised me, but his interest and intent touched me. I had long ago become accustomed to anonymity. He was two years behind me as a young lieutenant in the Army Language School in the Russian Department. When he mentioned names of old still-living ALS teachers we both knew that he keeps touch with, it brought more memories to life. I had left for the Berlin side of this project just after he arrived at the ALS back in 1955, but we did not cross paths then. He is sending me his current CIA pre-approved prepublication manuscript for my comments and additions. I wonder what that will amount to! I feel no need for approval from that agency before disclosing anything about my experience there. Stay tuned. [see: The Great Berlin Tunnel Mystery in January 1970 archive folder]

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