Saturday, January 3, 1970

Howard's comforting prophesy

September 1959

Upon receipt of Howard's enthusiastic response to my tape recording, I poured my heart out to this man as I imagined him to be. He replied in a way that gave me great comfort and closed it with a prophesy.

I do want to keep the tape you sent, and I am asking you also to let me keep the spoken message at the end, though you suggest I should erase it.

The recital I suggested was the spontaneous product of my boundless enthusiasm for the recording….One of the first questions I will ask you when we meet…will be your feelings about letting this superb gift stand aside while other facets of Gene K have their way… You will, of course, have a satisfactory and final answer, but I can't imagine what it is.

One observation I must make here even though this note doesn't pretend to deal with issues raised by your letter. The Lord will eventually use you in ways which you can't at present imagine, let alone foresee. He will take you out of your hands. Your service will not be calculated but will arise out of extraordinarily demanding situations, inexorable circumstances. You will exert a direct and immediate and greatly impressive influence among people, in terms of the gospel, to which contrived intellectual or philosophic experiences with selected contacts will compare in effect but feebly. It is good that you feel the necessity of making specific preparations for usefulness in the Kingdom of God in the world. You will one day look back and wonder what they have had to do with the mission you will have performed…

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