Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ecclesiastic Trust

"The days of leadership by intimidation are over!" These words were the heart of the speech that Bishop Jonah gave to the OCA leadership on November 11, 2008, which were met to choose a new patriarch.

The Church had undergone 30 years of corrupt leadership and Bishop Jonah fearlessly described the situation: "Christian leadership is based in love", he said. "Obedience to leadership is cooperation out of love and respect. Authority is responsibility AND accountability. It's not power." [View his speech here.]

Because of how he manifested these principles to those gathered, Bishop Jonah was chosen the next day to become the new metropolitan virtually by acclamation after only two weeks in office as bishop. Before that he lived a monastic life in California.

As the song says, "God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform." In this new beginning may the ecclesiastical order reflect and justify the trust that our young Metropolitan Jonah has won. God bless him and us!


  1. I was there. Tuesday evening, with the Conference in a bit of shambles, Bishop Jonah got up and spoke for 31 minutes and brought everyone together. He received two or three standing ovations. At the end of his talk, a fellow Diocese of the South attendee turned and said:"we just lost our Bishop". All of us had seen Bishop Jonah's lips moving. We heard his voice, but the words were coming from the Holy Spirit. Metropolitan Jonah is truly anointed for this time and this place and this church. Praise God. Gabriel

  2. It would appear that this man and those that chose him were truly inspired and he appointed by the Grace of the "Divine Hand."