Wednesday, January 7, 1970

Pilgrim -- my first poem

[November-December 1964]

Timeline from November 1964 through June 1992


He stands
Upon a hill
By a mountain. 
Yearns for Truth 
To ponder.

Storm and change 

Obscure the summit’s view. . . .

Yet he dares 

To hope its height

As “Get thee up” 
Seems whispered.
Turns toward quest
To plunge!

Uncertain strains 

Keep ringing in his ears. . . .

Then he glimpses

Through the clouds

While Rodina 
Stays waiting.
Finds clear Trump
To sound!

Nov-Dec 64
(Op 1)

"Pilgrim" began to write itself on an airplane as I was returning home from having met Professor J.B. Rhine at Duke University. Rhine had just invited me to join his new Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man and had opened my eyes to a new career. I was struggling to comprehend the new, oceanic emotions that were welling up in me. Writing these words on scrap paper gave these unfamiliar and overpowering emotions a rational context, which offered a surprisingly new and satisfying avenue of expression.

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