Friday, January 2, 1970

The Great Berlin Tunnel Mystery

[May 1955-April 1956]

I could never have imagined what my next military assignment was to be after leaving the Army Language School. One can read my review of it by clicking here. I could not talk about it for 20 years, but it now fits into this Odyssey.

Below is the first letter exchange with historian David Stafford. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. On February 19 this year I received a phone call from a Colonel Robert T. Browne, who had just learned my name. He informed me that he came to the ALS as I was leaving for Berlin and that he had been subsequently assigned to the Washington side of the Berlin Tunnel operation. He had contacted me because he had written a book about the experience and wanted to add an appendix from several soldiers he'd just learned had been at the site. He book is now complete and available to those interested. Colonel Browne can be contacted at:

    Robert T. Browne
    3016 Cardinal Drive
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635