Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ferren L. Christensen dead at 77

Event: April 1, 2007

Brother Virgil calls. FLC had died at 77. I call Glennie. Talked to oldest son Lee.

Ferren had a huge effect on my life, beginning with his challenge to me in summer 1957 when, as bishop of the Laguna Beach Ward, he called me "the biggest hypocrite" he'd ever met in his life. In response to this I made a silent vow: "No one will ever say that to me again and tell the truth."

A week or so later he introduced me to President David O. McKay in the Laguna Beach ward house as "This is the young man I told you about who speaks Russian." Whereupon McKay took my right hand in both of his, closed his eyes for what seemed like a very long time, then opened them to look straight into mine and said, "This is good. Keep it up. I have a strong feeling that that mission is about to open."

I will post recollections of Ferren on this blog as opportunity permits.

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