Thursday, January 8, 1970

Flying Saucers Fascination

Event: 23 April 1965

On April 23, 1965, I received a book that Howard wanted me to review, recently written by his nephew Frank B. Salisbury, a well regarded plant physiologist at Colorado State University and a believing Mormon. Frank B. was trying to reconcile his faith with his science and I wasn't much interested in his rationalizations. That is, I was not interested until I read his chapter on Flying Saucers.

I was surprised to learn that this subject, which I'd heretofore considered to be silly and an example of mass hysteria, was not new. Frank B spoke the kind of language I understood and presented his arguments carefully and systematically, like any good scientist. He ended his presentation with a plea for serious people to examine the evidence thoughtfully. In particular he suggested that one approach the Old Testament with an open mind and consider the images of things sighted in the sky without concern for the text's explanation. Then compare those descriptions to those easily available in the modern press accounts.

This argument intrigued me and prompted me to contact my Air Force officer brother Virgil for inside information. What can you tell me about this phenomenon from inside USAF sources? I asked him. I was not interested in further newspaper accounts. Virgil grudgingly complied and in a few weeks presented me with few newsletters written by a man named George Adamski, who had lived near Mt. Palomar, which was near where I was then living in San Diego. Adamski claimed to be a "contactee" of space beings and these newsletters were written to his followers.

Virgil was adamant about his opinion about Adamski. "The guy is a kook", he said. "This is all I've got for you", he declared and then informed me he would not pursue topic further. But that was enough for me. When I read the newsletters my interest deepened. Maybe the guy is a kook, I thought, but it didn't seem so to me yet. I then discovered that Adamski had written three books, all of which were in the San Diego City library. They were: Flying Saucers have landed; Inside the Space Ships; and Flying Saucers Farewell.

I checked all three books out and read them immediately. Their emotional impact on me was enormous. "This guy isn't making this stuff up!" I said to myself. But I couldn't get my rational mind around it. My heart was shouting "Pay attention to this!" But my scientifically trained head couldn't take it in. I needed to talk to Adamski directly to see if the guy came across to me eye ball to eye ball as he did in his books. So, I began a search to find and talk to him.

It didn't take long to find out where he had last been, which was Bethesda, Maryland, where he had died! But get this date: He died on 23 April 1965, the very day I received Salisbury's book and my interest in the subject was sparked!!

The synchronicity spoke to me with power.

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