Monday, December 18, 2006

It was the singing!

On Monday, December 18, 2006, Joseph Dillard sent this message with an attached MP3 musical file

I don't know if you will get this music file in a playable form, but I'm gonna try. I think you'll like it! If it comes through and you like it, tell me and I'll send you more of the "Chorovaya Akademia" (Google it for more information!)


This note and the attached music changed my life!

Joseph did not recognize the language or know its origin, "perhaps Romania", he speculated. But as I began to hear the singing, the very first bars went straight into my heart like spiritual food! I implored him to send me everything else he had, which turned out to be 14 tracks, which he sent one by one.

When I saw the title to the 14th and last track, "God is with us", I recalled an event of over 50 years earlier and wondered if this chant was what I had learned as a young soldier at the Army Language School. Could it be the same chant that I had once sung for Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Anastassy? [See blog entries for time period 1953 - 1955]

IT WAS INDEED THE VERY SAME CHANT! And so it launched my search for an Orthodox church.

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