Monday, November 6, 2006

Last Dialogue (of six) with Joseph Smith

Dialogues with Joseph, Part 6
November 6, 2006. [Continuing the Family Round Table]
[Note: this is the last in a series of six "Dialogues with Joseph".]

ENK: Katya [Eugene's daughter], from your recent Body Talk perspective with me, please tell how you see this entity, who calls himself "Joseph Smith".

KKS: Dad, my take is that this entity is an impostor! An opportunist. It's not the spirit of the historical Joseph Smith, Jr., as you detected by its factual misstep about where the historical Joseph actually died. Your confrontation has allowed us to see it clearly.

ENK: So, you agree that such a misstep was that significant? OK, can you tell how long this "Joseph" has really been around? He says since my birth. Do you see it as a DFE [dark force entity]?

KKS: Yes, a DFE, and I'm getting that it has been around in one guise or another for much longer than that, actually for many generations on your dad's side! What a surprise!

ENK: A surprise for me, too, but it makes other things begin to make sense. How does that affect my understanding of that 23 December 1964 dream? Or that 21 May 1972 event, where you invited me to sing in the Newport Beach Ward on a date that just happened to coincide with my being exactly the age of the historical Joseph Smith at his death?

KKS: I don't get any connection between those two events and this entity. They are independent of each other. This "Joseph" was simply cunning enough to make opportunistic use of information that was out there to feed off your energy and the energy of your dad's and his dad's before him.

ENK: Dad, I sense you have come in to us from the Light. What do you see? Before you passed over and then went into the Light you said you were protecting me from this and other entities. Now that you have been in the Light, what more do you see?

NNK: Well, son, I can escort this "Joseph" into the Light, since he has avoided this step before now.

JS: But I don't want to go!

NNK: Don't be afraid, Joseph. The Light won't hurt you, as you have been deceived into believing. I have been there as you can see, and here I am now. Come with me and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

JS: But I've got work to do and finish with Eugene.

NNK: No you don't. You've been exposed. We know who and what you are. You can disconnect from your masters and come with me. You can find your own divine spark buried deep within you. Your masters can't hurt or threaten you any more. You are as eternal as the rest of us. Come with me. We'll contact their command center to make sure you and they can't interfere with us any more.

JS: It doesn't seem I have much choice, have I?

NNK: Not in staying around my family, you don't. Come with me and let's be done with this interference!

ENK: Thanks, Dad, for coming in as you have. Katya was able to alert me to your presence and it has simplified a problem that has been taking my energy for a long time. And thanks to the rest of you invitees for having come to support us. Don't go away yet. There are loose ends. Do any of you have something to add at this time?

JD [Joseph Dillard]: Yes, EK. This ushering into the Light of an opportunistic DFE-led "Joseph" does not eliminate for you the issue of your connection with the historical Joseph Smith. In order to be free of any possession by his spirit, you must trace your identity to before his was formed and even before the identity of Jesus was formed. Yes, even before the Earth was formed.

ENK: Thank you for this insight, JD. It is actually easy for me to trace my sense of self directly to our Ultimate Creative Source, when we were all intelligences, but before any of us were made manifest and disbursed to begin our respective soul journies--before the Light itself was originally manifested. That is why I cannot subscribe to any particular ideology or religion these days. All that came after manifestation.

JD: That's the point, EK! Namaste'!

ENK: Yes, Namaste', my friend and brother. Anyone else?
November 11, 2006

WB [William Baldwin]: Eugene, you need to be sure that there are no threads left connected to the "Joseph" DFE or to the network it was associated with. This can be acheived with Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT).

ENK: Yes, Bill, I remember when I had a session with you and your wife Judith back in 1991, just before I met David Cheek. We met at that same TREAT III conference in Kansas City.

WB: Right. If I remember correctly we located a dark commander attached to you and managed to squeeze him into the Light. I'm not sure what else came up then.
ENK: I don't either, but I'll revisit that recording and find out. When I do that I'll reconvene this round table discussion. Thank you all for being here. Until we meet again, Namaste'!
At 10:32 AM, November 22, 2006, Eugene said...
ENK: Bill, I revisited and transcribed our March 1991 session with you and Judith. Yes, there was a dark commander that came into view and was squeezed into the Light. He was interfering with your attempt to usher my dad into the Light. But you did not return to that attempt (ushering Dad into the Light) before doing a complete releasement on me. The attachments of "Joseph Smith" and my "father" were left for David Cheek to discover and address in subsequent sessions shortly after yours. [See: Dialogues with Joseph, Part 2] 
At 10:36 AM, November 22, 2006, Eugene said... 
This brings closure to "Dialogues with Joseph". Future dialogues will proceed as "Dialogues with Inner Family". 

At 8:00 AM, November 25, 2006, Eugene said...
WB: Yes, Eugene, while this Joseph entity is bound for the Light, you still have not addressed carefully all of its connections with a dark forces network that it has been a part of. Have you traced all the threads that may be attached to others of your family, especially to your sons? Those threads will need to be followed and severed.

ENK: No, I have not yet addressed that, myself. But you did such a cleansing back in 1991 in Kansas City with your wife Judith. Do you not remember?

WB: Yes, but I do not remember speaking to Joseph at that time. We spoke to other aspects of you, such as you at age 16 and at age 5.

ENK: Yes, I have that on tape. That was before I met with David Cheek the next day, where he did a formal induction and found "Joseph". I didn't know why you didn't locate this Joseph before then.

WB: I don't either, Eugene.

ENK: But I have now reviewed the tape of that session and have discovered why this Joseph eluded your Spirit Releasement process.

WB: Tell me more.

ENK: Well, you were in process of encouraging my father to go into the Light, when the process was interrupted by and DFE--a dark commander.

WB: I do remember that.

ENK: You did a thorough job of flushing out that DFE and then working through a SRT with me. But you apparently forgot to stay with my dad until you actually saw him go into the Light. He stayed with me, as did this "Joseph", who had not yet identified himself. It took David Cheek's follow up sessions to address these residuals.

WB: Well done, Eugene and David! There is still much work to be done. I am available when you need me.

ENK: Thank you, Bill. We'll talk yet again. Namaste'!

WB: Namaste'!

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