Monday, February 1, 1993

Morning, Poem and Commentary

Event: 1 February 1993
Updated: 4 May 2010


Will they say of Santa Fe 

the same as of Ventura? 


I believe they’ll say 

it’s a good new day 

for us to wake each other! 

Santa Fe 

1 Feb 93


Early in 1993 after moving to Santa Fe and still tender from the June 1992 excommunication in Ventura, I decided to attend the Santa Fe Ward of the Mormon Church incognito. I loved to sing the Church hymns, but it was good to be unrecognized. The speaker for the meeting was a high councilman named Ray Martin. As he began to speak I had the immediate impression that this man should be the stake president. This was the motivation for my poem Morning. Imagine my excitement when, later that same year, Ray Martin was called to be the stake president!

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