Sunday, September 23, 1973

Forest Dream Remembered

[September 23, 1973]
In September 1973, my 1967 forest dream inspired a poem that captured impressions of my first trip to Russia.

Forest Dream Remembered

My pilgrimage at last complete.
The mount is climbed.
Dark clouds once far above
Glide silently below.

To my surprise this peak is broad!
A castle’s built upon it,
And “...swords ‘to plowshares”
Near an ancient fortress
Makes me cry.

But so many here before me!
Some with words of virtue,
more with sounds of greed!
Do they dilute my quest?

Or is this not the place I seek?
Where golden tones
Once pierced my sleep?
Has she I met so long ago
Not heard my song
Nor know I’ve come?

Such foolish youthful questions!
I return unto my own
To wait an outer answer,
And if my hope is true,
I’ll come again
Next time to inner chambers.

23 Sep 73
(Op. 28)

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