Friday, September 2, 1977

A Story from First dream of Birgitta

Event: 2 September 1977
First posted: 10 Feb 2018
Floating City
(This is not really representative of the image in my dream,
which is better pictured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
I couldn't find a useable image for this post on the internet.
When I find a better image, I'll update this post accordingly.)

In preparing for Birgitta's and my impending move to Sweden in summer of 2018 or 2019, I found this story in a 3-ring binder as I gathered stuff to send to the University of Utah library archives, where my records are being permanently stored in a special collection. 

In reviewing this story, I was surprised to discover an old forgotten dream, which reminded me of what has been at the root of my personal sense of purpose on this planet. It was eventually integrated into my 1978 play The Defense of Cain. For me, it is a personal revelation.

Here is the story: 
Page 1

Page 2

Here is a later fantasy refinement of the story:

This fantasy was integrated into my 1978 play
The Defense of Cain

Friday, April 15, 1977

Firist Dream of Birgitta

Event: March 1977
Updated: November 2012

March 1977
Birgitta and I are guests at a social gathering in a several-story apartment building. I look out from an upstairs window to witness a huge flying saucer, a virtual floating city (like in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). Fascinated, I pull Birgitta over to watch the awesome sight with me. As we watch, a powerful light beam comes straight down out of the bottom of the craft, which then splits into six separate smaller beams, all of which curve up in different directions. Then, at the end of each curved smaller beam a small "scout craft" materializes, which takes off and disappears.

When I think of this dream it brings to mind the synchronicity of the date of George Adamski's death and the beginning of my fascination for flying saucers, which was 23 April 1965. At the time I was a nuclear materials scientist for General Atomic in La Jolla, California. It was the experiences of George Adamski that got my attention about a phenomenon that, up to that date, I had dismissed merely as due to social hysteria. 

When I learned about Adamski's claims of being a contactee of extraterrestrial beings from my US Air Force officer brother, I subsequently discovered three of Adamski's books on the library shelves of the San Diego city library, all of which I read immediately. These were: 1. Flying Saucers have Landed; 2. Inside the Space Ships; 3. Flying Saucers Farewell.  Shortly afterwards, in wanting to meet Adamski personally to determine if he would affect me as powerfully as he had in his books, I discovered that he had died on the very day my fascination about the subject had begun! That synchronicity had mystical meaning for me, as if Adamski were attempting to communicate beyond the grave about something important that I should pay attention to. Realizing that I did not now have access to someone with direct connection to this phenomenon, I resolved to conceive of an experiment that would help me bridge the gap between what my heart was telling me was true and what me my scientifically trained head was telling was "not necessarily so". That dilemma put me on the path towards the experiment I now call "RPK" (remote psychokinesis). See: Remote Psychokinesis.