Thursday, January 1, 1970

Notes on Blog Layout

Updated: 23 June 2013

Since this blog program allows posts only as early as 1970, we are obliged to contrive an artificial structure. This one is in two periods:
I. Before 1970;
II. After 1970.

Although new posts are necessarily published in reverse chronological order, archival posts may be stored chronologically, which is how these archives are organized.

Artificial dates are used to put some historical information into an understandable order. Actual dates of during the period presented will be posted at the beginning of the posted text as much as possible, regardless of the date on the folder. Since much of this story takes place before 1970, folders for Period I, this FOREWORD and events prior to 1970 are all arbitrarily assigned to the "January 1970" folder.

Eugene Kovalenko
Los Alamos, New Mexico

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