Friday, January 9, 1970

Michael's birth

Event: 15 December 1966, 0333;
Updated: 25 September 20010

Hospital bracelet on Michael's wrist

To me it was miraculous. 

Michael (whose name his mother and I arrived to independently of each other before he came) was born without birth trauma. His mother Lawrene was so in tune with her body that she planned to have him delivered naturally by an experienced female German medical doctor, who was also a seasoned midwife. I was witness. As Michael made his appearance he came without birth trauma--the water sack did not first break and he came without the usual outcry. Lawrene cried out in a state of ecstasy and later declared that she felt like she had been "fucked by God!" Instead of the usual cry of a new born, his first sound--I was there to hear it!!--was a giggle!  The time of his birth in Los Angeles was 03:33, although the hospital bracelet had 03:32 written on it. Since I had a thing about Astrology and birth times in those days, I had carefully monitored the official time as he announced himself and then insisted that the hospital change the official time on his birth certificate, which they did.

Until that day, I never knew a new born could laugh instead of cry as its first sound.

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