Friday, January 9, 1970

Meeting Lawrene

We met in early February at the Fellowship of Universal Guidance, a metaphysical organization somewhere in Los Angeles run by meta-physicians Wayne Guthrie and Bella Karrish. Wayne was the leader and Bella the channel. Both Lawrene and I had come to the fellowship for the first time to check it out, having just learned about it from friends.

I was homeless at the time, living temporarily in the garage of Russ and Patti Pratt, whom I met at Esalen the previous October. That was when I sang for the Mary Whitehouse dance group and they had invited me to visit them if I ever got to Los Angeles.

Lawrene and I did not speak to each other that night except when we introduced ourselves to the group of about 15 to 20 people sitting in a circle. I was on one side of the circle; she 180 degrees opposite. Although we did not speak, I felt attracted to her. When it came to my turn to introduce myself and sang two songs, a Russian folk song and a Negro spiritual.

The next week when we came again to the fellowship, Lawrene chose a seat next to me in the circle and after the meeting, we began an intense hours-long conversation. She seemed to understand what I was saying, where most others did not or became afraid. When I observed that many of my old friends and family thought I was possessed of the devil, Lawrene replied that she thought the devil was a bit misunderstood. She invited me to come to her beach house where we could carry on our conversation more privately. That night we began living together.

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