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Letter to Howard on 30 Aug 1959

Event: 30 July 1959
Posted: 28 June 2017
Updated: 29 Jun 17

For the record:

Howard Salisbury changed my life. Below is an unedited copy of my second letter to him (don't know what happened to the first), before he decided to answer. In it I pour my heart out as a young man searching for self with an idealized wise and holy man in mind, whom I had learned about from Bill Jenks, my then best friend at UC Berkeley. Bill was a grad student at Berkeley, having taken an English BA from Ricks College in Idaho (now BYU Idaho). Howard had been his mentor, chairman of the Fine Arts Department with a legendary reputation for helping gifted students develop their talents.

I remember writing this in fear and trembling.

Second letter to Howard E. Salisbury, page 1 of 2,
30 August 1959 
Second letter to Howard E. Salisbury, page 2 of 2,
30 August 1959 

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