Friday, January 9, 1970

Dreams: Utah Corral Hero

Dream Event: 13 Feb 1966

13 Feb 66
Laguna Beach

(a) Somewhere in Utah sitting on the outside of a stand-like establishment on a stool as if waiting to be served. Glass separates me from those inside as well as the counter wall. I am not aware of others nearby. Two or three people deep inside the stand are having conversation about psychological tests or testing. One of the men turns to me eventually and asks, "And what is your opinion, sir?" I begin with a well ordered argument challenging the methods, ending with "…but in the end human beings just can't be measured, anyway." The argument has been an impassioned one. I become aware of applause. People all around that I've been unaware of before are clapping. I look around. Everyone is clapping. I am a hero.

(b) Scene changes to the ground: No structures around. There has apparently been conversation occurring led by a woman. I am part of a group that has been sitting in a kind of close circle. The woman turns to me and asks if I am LDS. I answer yes. Then she asks in an almost insistent tone if my friend (seems like the one who asked me the question in scene above) has known of the LDS. I reply seriously that I didn't know, but that the more important question to me as far as she was concerned was whether he wanted to know. My reply was emphatic.

(c) Another scene change: At a corral. I'm outside the wooden fence. The woman [above scene] is inside alone but in a position of standing to speak or preach to those on the outside of the fence. There seems to be a barn or stable nearby available to her. I am aware of people gathered near the fence near me. She is talking about spirituality, spiritual experience, and matters of the spirit in general. I begin responding with a statement that those who talk of spiritual experience in this way are fakes. Then proceed to ask penetrating questions, direct and even angry questions. Those around are startled at their bluntness. Those who once clapped are now stunned.  I am alone and in pain, but know I must proceed with straight questioning to be true to convictions and sense of duty. Suddenly I become aware of arms flung around my midriff from behind.  It is Lawrene! She is with me. My strength and courage increase.

(d) Subsequent dream fragments: In an upper story of a barracks-like building. With Lawrene. Apparently we are looking for a place to stay. There is a double bed in the center of a wide open space and a single, bare light bulb coming from the ceiling. There are other people around.

(e) Next: Some words about a blind man, unable to get work, but very skilled in certain measurements with a swinging small pendulum. The bob is elongated with a point on its end.

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