Thursday, January 8, 1970

Bishop Durham's blessing

Event: 16 July 1965; Updated: 25 July 2011

After receiving Howard's abusive phone call and calling all my friends for help, I went by the home of my bishop, Reed C. Durham, Sr., he being one of those I called. Bishop Durham was a seasoned ecclesiastical veteran, having served as bishop once before years earlier. He was a school teacher by profession, now retired, and he and I had had many, many conversations over recent months about a wide range of subjects, including my recently aborted plans to join Professor J.B. Rhine at Duke University.

I told him all about Howard and the particulars of the current crisis, whereupon he offered to give me a priesthood blessing. The blessing, which resembled a Mormon patriarchal blessing, both stunned and excited me. "You will now be given new knowledge and understanding, including visions and dreams, which you must be very careful with whom you share....  You must also be on guard of succumbing to haughtiness", he warned.

This blessing gave me enormous confidence, despite its warning, which I largely ignored. This ignorance would become traumatically apparent sooner than I could imagine--about a week later! As I left his home the evening before my journey north, Bishop Durham said, "Give my love to Howard."

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