Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meeting David and Lisa in Santa Fe's India Palace Restaurant

Updated: January 2, 2010

Having been introduced via email by Arny Mindell, Birgitta and I were delighted finally to meet David and Lisa Bedrick, newly arrived in New Mexico from Oregon. Both came from Mindell's celebrated Process Work Institute in Portland , where they met and married. David is an attorney with a consulting background in Organizational Behavior. Lisa has a masters degree from the Process Work Institute and is eager to establish a practice in Santa Fe.

After sharing each other's stories about where and when we met our spouses, we turned to the subject of dreams. We knew this was an important way to get acquainted quickly in non-superficial ways, since we were all deeply connected to Mindell's Process Work. As David wrote afterwards:

We were dreamt together, through some Arny spirit, part way across the country. It's a miracle really. I hope we can fertilize your loves as we feel your hearts will fertilize ours.

A charming and captivating prospect!.

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