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Recontacting Arnold Mindell

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Arny & Amy Mindell
I first met Dr. Arnold Mindell in Los Angeles in the late 1960s during his visit from Zurich, where he was with the Jung Institute. This was well before he developed the now internationally celebrated discipline called Process Work. We discussed my coming to Switzerland to develop a collaboration, but that did not materialize.

After years of correspondence I eventually stopped over in Zurich to see him on my way back from Moscow in September 1973. The previous evening, just before departing Russia, I had written a poem which captured impressions of that long-anticipated first visit. Arny and his then wife Nora were the first to hear the poem the next day.

Forest Dream Remembered

My pilgrimage at last complete.
The mount is climbed.
Dark clouds once far above
Glide silently below.

To my surprise this peak is broad!
A castle’s built upon it,
And “...swords ‘to plowshares”
Near an ancient fortress
Makes me cry.

But so many here before me!
Some with words of virtue,
More with sounds of greed.
Do they dilute my quest?

Or is this not the place I seek?
Where golden tones
Once pierced my sleep?
Has she I met so long ago
not heard my song
Nor know I’ve come?

Such foolish youthful questions!
I return unto my own
To wait an outer answer,
And if my hope is true,
I’ll come again
Next time to inner chambers.

23 Sep 73
(Op. 28)

After hearing the poem and as a memento, Nora gave me an 1899 Russian ten-ruble double-eagle gold coin

Recently, after many years of being out of contact with him since Zurich, I came upon Arny's 1985 book Working With the Dreambody, which had been hidden on a shelf in my library and which I was surprised not having read. That was immediately remedied by reading it aloud to Birgitta in the mornings on our deck and both of us becoming flooded by "aha's". I wrote a note of appreciation to Arny, who now lives with his partner and present wife Amy in Portland, Oregon, with an apology for not having read it earlier. He generously replied the same day:

Tuesday, August 18

Dear Eugene,

How wonderful to hear from you again! So heartwarming to feel you reading some of my work. Yes, I do know of Ken Wilber’s work, and that of Joseph Dillard. All good things to you and Birgitta and thanks for trying to bring worlds together…which is what I feel you do.

Big hug, love Arny

I had wondered in my note to Arny if he knew the writings of Ken Wilber and his Integral Institute as well as Joseph Dillard's Integral Deep Listening techniques and was gratified that he knows the work of both these remarkable men.

Birgitta and I have now just begun to read the Kindle version of Mindell's 2002 book The Deep Democracy of Open Forums: Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World. The book's preface excited us and we thought at once of sharing it with many friends. But we were aghast at the price of this book on Most puzzling of all is that there is not one published review! This will be remedied. See Arny's website here:

August 20

Today I asked Arny if there were any worldwork people in our area. He replied within hours with the names of a couple moving to Santa Fe this winter.

Great to hear from you. No problem at all with your blog!
If you need worldwork help, Amy and I would come to Los Alamos: what are you developing there?

David B... and his partner and wife Lisa ... will be moving this winter to Sante Fe. They are great.

Big hug! From the middle of the world of eco-conflicts, racial tensions (U.S.) and religious problems in Southern Russia!

Love arny

I replied by describing our activities here in Los Alamos, but wondered if that was enough to bring him and wife Amy here. I also said I'd write to his friends. He replied the next day:

August 21

Dear Eugene, your life and work sound terrific. I don’t have time in the moment (because of conflict work in this country and around the world) to go into detail looking deeper into your wonderful background!! Your letter somehow reminds me that in 2011 we will be doing some large group conflict work between different religious viewpoints in Moscow.

Amazing connections.

We were invited by a group of LANL physicists (from a materials research group) in 2002 to come and teach aspects of my book, the Quantum Mind”

Enjoy David and Lisa.

And thanks to your spiritual path for who you are.

Big hug, sorry to be brief, love arny

Friday, August 21

Not expecting a quick reply from Arny this time, but anticipating future worldwork with him in Moscow or Kiev, I wrote:

Arny, I’m having a BIG Déjà vu in writing this response!

I appreciate your taking time to dash off a reply, given your rushed schedule. However, if you can manage to read the first chapter (not long) of the attached 1988 draft “CREEI Novel” you may recognize a name or two—especially Michael Murphy at Esalen. All names, dates and situations in this “novel” are real. It was written in this form to capture the flavor of events instead of as a journal account.

The 1973 “Letter to Soviet Ministry of Foreign Trade” was written at the American Embassy in Moscow, a week before writing the poem I shared with you and Nora in September 1973. It may have potential overlap to your upcoming conflict work in Moscow in 2011. Keep me in mind! (Maybe I can be there with you!?)

Today I received ten of your books, one of which is Quantum Mind. I’m eager to get into it. You know, of course, that my first job out of graduate school in 1963 was as a nuclear materials research scientist with General Atomic in La Jolla, California. So your LANL materials research group class got my attention! When you can, I’d like to know how that class turned out. Do you still have LANL contacts?

I have written to your friends.

Write again when you can catch your breath! Let’s keep in touch.

Love, Eugene

Saturday, August 22

Below is a preview of Mindell's magnum opus Quantum Mind:, published in 2000. The first page of the preface is compelling! I'm eager to write a review for the book. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Tuesday, August 25

Arny replies:
Dear Eugene, I’ll always keep you “in mind!” big hug from Oregon, excuse brevity please, still with love arny

And Eugene replies again::


Your “briefness” seems always to zero in on the salient point!!—not unlike what symbols do. I envy this talent.

Your not-so-brief book Quantum Mind is blowing mine!

It gives new language to integrate a long-term preoccupation with RPK [remote psychokinesis], which was first rooted in CR [consensus reality], but eventually sprouted surprising branches promising NCR [non consensus reality] fruit. [See:]. It also gave new language for an equally long-term passion for dream work, which was initially rooted in NCR, but soon sprouted CR branches for mundane analysis. Both passions came from the same tap root in April-May 1965. [See:]

When reading pages 22-24 of QM, I remembered sending you the attached mini essay by “Aryol Littet” [titled "Concept of Mass"] from an obscure, far-out publication called Starcraft in 1972. You were still in Zurich and I was in a southern Oregon forest with a flying saucer-obsessed English woman publisher, while building a laboratory to demonstrate RPK. Your reply to the essay was that I’d simply rediscovered relativity! And I was flummoxed…

Consider the attached poem [Trimass] as a deeper response to the first pages of QM, reflecting a continuing obsession with the idea of “mass,” which came from a dream the night after experiencing my astonishing first Catholic Mass in the late 1980s. The title Trimass refers to three meanings: that of physics; that of the Catholics and that of humanity, all of which echo a Forest Dream (of Big Sur in May 1967).

This is also echoed in a 1975 story Heart Planting, written for Lawrene’s and my then nine year old son Michael (now 42, a professional documentary film editor in NYC, who has banished his father from his life for the crimes of narcissism and schizophrenia).

I’m feeling pulled back to crazy days, my friend! And yet, even before reading your brief reply this morning, I had a dream about reformatting stacks of reels of filmed records, having enlisted the help of a young talented gay man. As he begins to work on the first reel, I see a beautiful web-like pattern emerge between his spread fingers.

Ah…and now I think of Orpheo, written shortly after Michael was conceived and his father became an amphibian quasi-shaman! Not long after this you and I first met in Los Angeles. And not long after that I received a treasured gold coin in Zurich!

Blessings! As always, I count on you forgiving this craziness.

Love, Eugene

PS. About Moscow in 2011, have you considered Kiev (Kyiv) instead?

Concept of Mass by Aryol Littet
(click on each page to enlarge)

Friday, September 4
This morning I sent the following note to Arny.

BRIEF response to your first five chapters in Q-M: [Quantum Mind]

Whereas Heisenberg said: ∆x ● ∆p ≥ h-bar,
Kovalenko says ∆Σ ● ∆E ≈ K,
where Σ = experience, E = explanation and K = corollary constant.

Or, perhaps: ∆(CR) ● ∆(NCR) ≈ M, where M = Mindell's Kosmic corollary constant….

This afternoon Arny replied:

Kovalenko says ∆Σ ● ∆E ≈ K
And he is BRILLIANT!!!
Love arny

Sunday, September 27 email exchange...

From: Eugene Kovalenko []
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 6:48 AM
To: 'Arny Mindell'
Subject: Another brief response re QM thru chapt 12.

Hi Arny,

Consider this blog post as another brief response to Quantum Mind through Chapter 12: See

Hugs back,


Sun 9/27/2009 1:39 PM Arny replies

Brilliant, love you arny

My note to Arny Mindell of October 7, 2009 at 4:44 PM:
Friend Arny,

Subject: Dissolving into and through an Edge!! Through QM chapter 22

Here is my process update report through QM Chapter 22: Hyperspaces.
In QM Chapter 19 you began to sound like teachings from some good old NCR Mormon stuff by its founder Joseph Smith! “As man is now, God once was; as God is now, man may become.” Heresy to most people two centuries ago and undoubted too narrow a view now, but pretty good for an unschooled guy in the 1830s. However, that last page in Chapter 22 was as clear and resonating as anything I’ve ever read! In sharing it with my local, shamanic 79-year-old Orthodox priest this morning, he lit right up!! THAT is where he and I both live!

Blessings, Eugene

On Wednesday, October 7, 10:05 PM Arny and wife Amy responded:
Dear Eugene,

Researching the patterns of the universe and connecting them with spiritual traditions everywhere is one of my greatest passions. Thanks for understanding and good luck in Los Alamos, arny also from amy

On Friday, October 30, 2009, I wrote to Arny AND Amy...
Dear Arny and also Amy (finally!)

I have just finished QM chapter 22, where we meet again in NCR, not knowing who is who, but proud to claim you (both!) as me and hope you are equally proud to claim me as you!

If I had a mind like Ken Wilber I would have caught up with all your writings long ago. But, since I am (presently) me, an old guy, trying his best to be true to this Self and to you and to that VASTNESS that we are all united in, I’m plodding along at the Kosmic pace that is mine for now...

There is a growing intent in me to have you both come here again as soon as possible. Your friends David and Lisa are moving into the area next week, I understand. David wrote to me last month and I am much looking forward to meeting them in person. We will figure out together, I’m confident, how to get you both here again as soon as possible.

Amy, if you have time and interest, what can you see in my poem Trimass? I remember having Birgitta in mind as I wrote it back in 1987, not knowing if I would ever see her again (nor knowing that I would fly to Sweden to propose to and marry her in 1993!), but I can now see you in it too! Can you see the solar spectral musical scale created for Portland composer Eric Funk in summer 1972 who we commissioned to create something appropriate for the then up-coming Velikovsky Symposium? He created Stellar Evolution, which we recorded and had playing in the background as cosmological scholars from all over the world came into the symposium hall at Lewis and Clark College. This and the poem [Forest Dream Remembered] that I first read to Arny and Nora in September 1973 in Zurich, were inspired by a May 1967 dream that anticipated the 1967 commencement address by Arnold Toynbee the following June in Salt Lake City. Two years ago, one of my sons deeply steeped in CR came here for my birthday. I told him the story of Stellar Evolution, and he wondered if I had the recording. No, unfortunately, I didn’t. Had I kept track of the composer? No, unfortunately, I hadn’t. Could we find him on the internet? Wow! What an idea. So we did a Google search and discovered him in Wyoming, where he is a professor of music. I called and there he was! Not only that, he had just been talking to his students about that composition only days before! My CR son became a believer in NCR stuff!

Forgive the CR attachments,

With love and excitement!


Attached: Trimass; ENK dream May 1967; Arnold Toynbee in Salt Lake City

Later that same day Arny and Amy replied:
Dear Eugene, we look forward to having time to enjoy your creativity in the next days! Busyville just now.
Love amy and arny

On Saturday, (Halloween!) 2009, I wrote:

When you get a chance to look more closely at Trimass, multiply the key note (1) by a factor of 111, and you will get in bps the exact frequencies for the Solar Spectral Scale, where “yellow” (at 555 bps) is defined by the sodium doublet line in the solar spectrum. All other colors and musical tones then are in sync. I used the synesthesia (sp?) work of Soviet psychologist Luria to establish the connection between color and sound, who found a subject that saw “dense orange” at 500 bps. That gave the key to all other correlations. Composer Funk then used astronomers’ star charts to associate actual colors with musical frequencies and came up with a most mysterious and eerie composition, which was a perfect mood-setting sound for scholars to walk into before meeting and hearing Velikovsky speak. Using Luria’s one subject to represent the “mass of humanity” was an absurd assumption, of course, but when the resulting music was played at Lewis and Clark, one woman came up to me afterwards (who also had the condition of synestheisia) and reported the “right” colors when describing her responses to hearing the music. I had not told her anything about Luria’s work. I was excited by her report!

Love, Eugene

On Monday, November 2, 2009, Eugene wrote to correct his October 30 email.

Hey, Arny & Amy (damn, but that’s a tiny separation between the r and n in trying to read your names, guys. I’m sure it makes for more wondering about who is who! How often is one mistaken for the other?)

Correction on last email. QM “chapter 22” should be “chapter 37”. Moving right along! Like a turtle (all the way down!).

Love, Eugene

PS. Is there anywhere in your books where you address crop circles and flying saucers? I know Jung wrote a paper called Flying Saucers, a modern myth. Have you updated that?

On Wednesday, November 4, 2009, Arny + Amy wrote:
Dear Eugene, we now, amy and arny are very close ;), that’s true.

Crop circles and flying saucers? Not yet…that’s in the future…right now we are knee deep among the ecologists, love a+a

Then, later that same evening, Amy, herself, wrote:
Dear Eugene,

It’s good to meet you here online after hearing about you from arny. Thank you for that beautiful poem. The poem, and your amazing story about Eric Funk, certainly speak to me as I have been writing music recently that is related to the earth and stars as well. Lovely connection.

All the best to you. Love, amy

A few minutes later I wrote:

Dear Amy,

When can I hear your music?

Amy replied the next day:

Hi Eugene,

I am just an amateur songwriter but you can go to our website at and look for “Music” on that page. There are a couple of pieces there. I also have done some very silly and some not-so-silly videos with music as well.

Take care. Love, amy

To which I replied at 8:30 PM Thursday

Dear Amy,

Wow, what a site!! I will take my time exploring it: looking, listening; seeing and hearing, and watching my responses. It looks like an adventure!

In the meantime, in the link below is a concert I gave to the Mormon women’s Relief Society of the Ventura, California stake (diocese) in March 1992 that might interest you. It was my last official presentation to the Mormon Church before being excommunicated two months later. This performance came within minutes of being suppressed by the main ecclesiastic leader, the stake president, who, unknown to me, had given out orders to the various wards (parishes) that I was not to be allowed to sing anywhere within the stake. Not long after the leader learned that this performance had taken place, he had the local bishop (priest) call every woman in attendance to warn them of how dangerous a person I was. I was aghast when I learned about it. Thankfully, Providence allowed the performance to take place and be recorded. After the first song, “Wayfaring Stranger”, a White Spiritual from the 1830s, you will hear the door creak open and my invitation to the bishop to come in. I did not know then that he’d been sent to monitor the performance in case I behaved “inappropriately” with the women. After the performance, he came up to me and gave me a tearful hug, not yet knowing he would be called later that night with savaging orders. He did not have the courage to trust his own experience and then stand up to the stake president. He carried out his grim orders. This is still the state of internal siege that the Mormon male priesthood establishment has fallen into.

See An Evening with Zhenya


Love to you and Arny, Eugene

On Friday evening she replied yet again:

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for that link as well. I’m overbusy just now but when I get a breath, I’ll explore it and I’m glad you were able to give it considering that very painful story.

Take care, love, amy

Saturday, November 7, 2009, I wrote:
Dear a + a!

Apologies to your “overbusiness”.

I awoke this morning with an additional thought for you regarding that link. Then I will be quiet and let us catch our collective breaths.

Three years ago, I was contacted by one of the Mormon women (now an ex-Mormon) who had attended the “An Evening with Zhenya” concert that link mentions. This was 14 years later with no contact in between. She used to work for me in building my “CREEI Institute”, which is all about dream work and had come across my notes given out that evening and wanted my permission to use them in a commercial website she was launching. I was delighted to comply and also offer her the recording of that evening to go along with the notes. That was an unexpected bonus.

But she did one other thing that astounded me. She had looked up my dreams that were then posted on my family website (no longer active) and focused on one dream in particular that I was still struggling to understand so many years later. It is the only dream in which I dreamed I was a woman. See: Pivotal Dream. Although she knew from having worked with me back in 1992 that my process does NOT presume to interpret others’ dreams, she had awakened the morning she contacted me with an interpretation of that particular dream! Amazingly enough, her interpretation addressed my struggle and I had a huge “aha!” When I told Birgitta about this, she said she’d had the same interpretation ten years earlier when I’d first shared it with her, but didn’t bother to tell it to me since it seemed so obvious! Well, DUH! What a process!

Get some rest!

Love, Eugene

On Tuesday, November 10, 2009 10:00 PM, I wrote:


Having just finished QM Chapter 41 and Note 8, I have just one comment before completing the book and writing my review for Amazon. See attached and note date, place and weather reports for the time.


I’m nervous as I sit in front
the third chair from the isle.
The man who sits before me
now speaks but doesn’t smile.

“What is your journey here, sir,
before you are retired,
and make no joke about it
the word is more like fired!"

Startled I woke that New Year’s day
as the dream began to fade,
and three days later on the job
my back just up and gave!

Down flat in bed my body lay
retired by the pain
while outside great clouds gathered
and then began the rain.

As outer ragged darkness
sent torrents raging down
I dimly came to be aware
the Master was in town.

His inner light began to glow
in a school room way down deep
to show me what I’d failed to learn
long formal years asleep.

He came now as a rainmaker
from regions far away
where Nature’s master rhythm
is balanced night and day.

He took confusion on himself
influenced from without
and as the inner struggle grew
began to sort it out.

A rainmaker comes for inner work
chaotic states to feel
and restoring balance in himself
new harmony forms congeal.

* * *

"This is now my journey, Sir,”
I say back in the dream,
“to seek that place where rainmakers
can learn the craft they bring.

“I know it isn’t far beyond
for I can see the way;
the longer are the strides I take
the sooner arrival day.

“Even detours to the right or left
are harder now to take
as my journey speed increases
it’s less effort moving straight.

“So that is where I’m going now,
I hope you understand.
If not, that’s all right too, Sir,
but I’m moving to new land.

“I’ll return a later time then
when I’ve better learned my craft,
and if you’re here and still in need,
my work will make you laugh.

“If it isn’t fun to work here
anxiously building your careers,
why work to frantic sweat and toil
if you’re always in arrears?

“Send for yourselves a rainmaker
I know there’s one around
who’ll better help than I can give
when invited to your ground.”

A rainmaker comes for inner work
chaotic states to feel
and restoring balance in himself
new harmony forms congeal.

Los Angeles
Feb 78


I’ve begun to navigate your site! Such versatility! All kinds of twists and turns and bits and provocations…. Each clip needs to be revisited many times and different times. What fun!

Love you both, Eugene

An hour later they wrote back:

Dear Eugene, I adore Rainmaker, thanks so much, love arny

Dear Eugene, it makes me feel so well that you like the site, thanks. I looked at your “concert” and was so moved….love the idea of “finding our home.” amy

On Thursday, November 12, I wrote:

Dear Arny and Amy,

Attached is my response to QM Chapter 42. Planetwork:The Sixth Extinction. The Defense of CAIN is an interactive play where ACT TWO is always different, a reflection of the audience. It considers the common root of the three major world religions (that make the most mischief).

I propose that we four: you and Amy, Birgitta and I, go to Islamabad to perform this play and involve the audience(s). In ACT ONE: Searching for a Just Court. I can be PROSECUTOR (if no one else wants it) as well as CAIN. You would be a great ADVOCATE SPIM (“some place in me”); and Amy would be a fine JUDGE; Birgitta, as resident shaman, is used to taking on any other role that comes to heart and mind for ACT TWO: The Great Human Family Round Table.

Note the dummy acts, ACT THREE and ACT FOUR. They are published in the hand-out program to give perspective.

The play was inspired by three dreams over a twelve year period, the first in 1966, in which I felt like Cain fleeing after being thrown out of the Mormon Church. First performance was in August 1978.

Love, Eugene

PS. Coming next is my overall Amazon review of QM.

Four hours later they responded:

We love the Islamabad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!…are in the midst of interviews and helping with Copenhagen Eco decisions love to you both, big hug a+a

On November's Friday the Thirteenth, 2009, I wrote to include a review of Quantum Mind for

My friend,

Quantum Mind has so impressed and fed me that I dare not express my enthusiasm with more words than these:

“Arnold Mindell's astonishing, visionary Quantum Mind is nothing less than the unified field theory that Einstein, Pauli, Feynman, Jung and others believed in, but failed to find before their deaths! It is not only this, but much, much more.”

Now moving on to your more recent books.

Love, Eugene

Later that afternoon, Arny wrote:

Dear Eugene, I am so totally grateful to you for your insights into the unified field theory and my quantum mind descriptions. Love you, big hug arny

On Saturday, November 28, I wrote to Arny re "Eco and Obama":

Do you have anything written about your on-going global warming and eco efforts vis-a-vis Obama’s recent visit to Copenhagen? Was his visit a waste of time?

A few hours later that same day Arny wrote:


just love you Eugene, big hug arny

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