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Revelation re Negro Race

Event: July 25, 1965
Updated: 14 Aug 2014


In early morning, after the prayer and vision of the night before, I awoke on fire! Even though the room was dark, no other light was needed to see, as my face was literally glowing....

Having jammed a blank page into my typewriter, my fingers began to type "Thus saith the Lord...."

I stopped, aghast, saying out loud to myself, "No, I can't write this!"

Nevertheless, the Presence, like a furnace fire in my chest, demanded I continue as the words formed in my mind. And so I did. What is illustrated below is what came out of me without edit or copy.

I folded the single 8-1/2 by 11 inch page, put it in an unmarked envelope and took it to priesthood meeting later that morning. The bishopric had been newly reorganized only days before and I handed the envelope to the newly ordained Michael Brown, simply saying, "Bishop, something happened to me this morning. If it's true, someone ought to know about it. If it's NOT true, I need to know about it."

Without opening the envelope to read its contents, but smiling with the confidence of being newly ordained of God, Michael Brown put the paper into his pocket assuring me that he would get to it as soon as possible. We met later that evening and it was clear by his shaken countenance that he had indeed read the contents.

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Revelation on July 25, 1965

"Brother", Bishop Brown said in his church office, "I'm going to place this envelope and its contents in my bottom drawer and we'll just forget it. You pray about it and you'll get over it."

"No, bishop", I replied, "You can't treat it this way. It is not your call. I need to get before the high council to discuss it." Brown would have none of it. "OK, bishop, then I'll have to take it out of your hands by taking charges out against myself for apostasy, heresy and false doctrine, because that's how you are treating this, isn't it?"

With trepidation he answered, "Yes, but you wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Yes I would!" was my immediate response. And did. 

It took a month for stake president Barry Knudsen to see me. That is another story found here.

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