Friday, June 12, 2009

Johnny's birthday party

On Monday, June 8, my youngest son John turned 25. He called the Thursday before to invite me to celebrate with family and friends on the Saturday before. The celebration was held at the family "cabin" [read "chateau"!] in a magnificent forest near the Sundance resort off Provo Canyon.

The photos: 1) John and brother Mark accompanied by mother Barbara; 2) guests enjoying the concert; 3) Johnny and Dad (Note similar noses!); 4) Festive kitchen (Mark's daughter Lauren listens attentively on couch in far left of photo.)

Earlier that day, guests enjoyed hearing the CD gift I had brought for Barbara and John. It was the Rusian Divine Liturgy sung in old Slavonic by the Russian Orthodox Church Novospassky Monestary Choir in Moscow. "Better than the Tabernacle Choir!", someone remarked.

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