Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1917 Council and Tomos: St. Tikhon's Vision then and now

"I stand before you, gathered here, in great humility, as the 'least among equals', the youngest head of the smallest and youngest autocephalous Orthodox Church in the world."

So said recently enthroned Metropolitan Jonah on June 20, 2009, to an OCA conference on the future of Orthodoxy in America.

This remarkable young leader is a man to watch. His remarks in "1917 Council and Tomos: St. Tikhon's Vision then and now" captured for me the essence of the current world-wide Orthodox Christian movement, both its struggle and its message. He spoke simply, clearly and candidly, not once attempting to sugarcoat the difficulties many Orthodox institutions are having with hierarchical conflicts in this country and abroad.

God bless you, Brother Jonah, and may God grant you many, many, many years!!

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