Thursday, April 23, 2009

Truth by Reason and by Revelation

23 April 2009
Forty four years ago today, I received a book that changed my life and that of my family. It was sent to where I worked as a research scientist at General Atomic in La Jolla, California, and its repercussions are still affecting me and family. The book was called Truth by Reason and by Revelation, written by Dr. Frank B. Salisbury, a respected professor of plant physiology at Colorado State University. Frank was the nephew of my erstwhile mentor Howard, who had sent it for my review from the perspective as a fellow believing Mormon scientist.

I found the book boring at the beginning--just another rationalization by a Mormon scientist trying to reconcile his religious upbringing with his scientific training--or so I thought. That is, until I got to the chapter on Flying Saucers. I was amazed to learn that this subject, which before reading Salisbury's book I had considered to be silly and due to mass hysteria, is not new. It even has Old Testament references. [See blog posts for Flying Saucers, The Experiment and The Sighting in archive file for March 2007.]


  1. Perhaps there is more to this "44" theme than the sledge hammer that got my attention in 2001 when I was 44?
    I now pay more attention to numbers & synchronicities due to all the blatant "in your face" to subtle 44's that "presented" themselves in a variety of clever, elegant & extraordinary ways.
    And through the years, even when I'm not paying attention, the 44's as well as other numerological synchronicities contintue to snap me out of "it" & "wake me up."
    Signed, Nick

  2. Nick,
    Yes, I suspect there is MUCH MORE to the "44" theme than we'll ever figure out. Nevertheless, it's fun to watch and note such synchronicities.

    What follows will not make much sense to most others who may read this thread, but I'd like you to consider the relevant posts from April through October 1965 and press me for details relative to "the experiment" (mentioned in the above post). You know that my attempt to articulate or explain that stuff after your brother Michael suddenly became interested in it on 9/11/2007 led to an impasse with him. (Another sychronistic, if not suspicious date! Yes?)

    I learned from 'The Story Teller' that my original search for that resolving "experiment" had been under my nose all the time, while I was concentrating on a hardware approach. I can see that these days, whereas I could not back then.