Thursday, August 31, 1972

Immanuel Velikovsky Symposium

Event: August 1972
Posted: 10 December 2009
Updated: 11 Jan 2015

My first real job, after resigning from General Atomic in September 1965 and dropping out of the professional world for 7 years, was to put together an international symposium featuring cosmologist Immanuel Velikovsky. Lewis and Clark College president John R. Howard had the courage and insight to see the opportunity and the faith and audacity to offer me the job of coordinating what turned out to be a wonderful, historic event.

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Congratulatory letter from Symposium producers

On April 15, 2012  Dave Talbott wrote:
 Subject: Forty years later
Well now Gene, please tell me if this email means anything to you.  If so, I'll know you're not only still alive, but your memory ain't bad either.  :)

Perhaps we could compare a few (thousand) notes one of these days.  I just happened to land on your website by accident.

Shall we talk?


Thursday, March 2, 1972

The concept of mass

Event: Early 1972 in southern Oregon;
Updated: 11/26/2011

I had been struggling to build a laboratory on Marianne's property near Central Point to conduct my "Bell Jar Experiment" to explore a new way to consider the concept of mass. Here is an essay written in 1972 for Marianne's "Starcraft Magazine" as I wrestled with the idea originally conceived in August 1965. It was written under the pseudo name of "Aryol Littet", a transliteration of the Russian words for "Eagle Flies" or "the eagle is flying".

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